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Rebbekah and Guy's Reform Wedding

Rebbekah was raised in the United States, in a Jewish Reform household, and was raised in Reform and Liberal Jewish schools, with values of feminism, feminine leadership and girl power. She is a dominant woman, leader and professional. I met Rebbekah after she made Aliya, at a young age, when she joined the Reform Congregation I founded in Be'er Sheva. Rebbekah met Guy shortly after making Aliya and the beautiful couple fell in love.

Guy's family is very modern and secular, and as such, was open to the idea of having a Reform Huppa, an egalitarian Jewish wedding ceremony in Israel.

Rebbekah decided on breaking the glass, just like Guy would be breaking the glass, and on a ring ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings. The loving couple also had a chance to bless each other with a sip from the kiddush cup and of course to exchange vows. We were lucky to have all of Rebbekah's family members visit Israel and join the Reform wedding ceremony.


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