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רבה רפורמית נעמי אפרת מחתנת זוג | Reform Rabbi Naomi Efrat officiating Huppa

My Reform Wedding

רבה רפורמית נעמי אפרת במהלך הקראת נדרים | Reform Rabbi Naomi Efrat during groom vows

You've always imagined the moment you'll stand under the huppa: loving, gazing eye to eye, closer than ever.

In this sacred moment, it is most important that we give significant time and space to everything we believe in: EQUALITY, FEMINISM, RESPECT, Celebrating love in every color, shape and gender.

Lets make it happen!

It's not just the ceremony that matters, it's the path that takes us there:

Together, we walk through an intimate path in which we sanctify our choice in each other.

A process in which gathering in celebration becomes significant and unforgettable.  

The Ketubah is a self- made statement of dedication, love and respect.   

The process reaches its climax in the wedding ceremony, surrounded by family and friends

רבה רפורמית נעמי אפרת שבירת כוס בחופה | Reform Rabbi Naomi Efrat during breaking of the glass

My name is Naomi Efrat, I am a Reform Rabbi.  

I lead couples in the process of creating a covenant of love in wedding ceremonies.
I conduct simple and beautiful ceremonies according to the Jewish tradition.
I keep faith to the traditional ceremony structure while allowing flexibility in the classical model.

רבה רפורמית נעמי אפרת מברכת בחופה | Reform Rabbi Naomi Efrat blessing at wedding
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Saving the possibly best for last: Our Rabbi. Naomi Efrat. If you’re looking for a Reform Rabbi, look no further. She is so special, so warm, loving, kind, funny... just the whole package. Our ceremony was beyond perfect. With her you really create your own ceremony, make it yours, not something generic and forgetful. And you can tell right from the start that she loves what she does and she does it whole heartedly. We really fell in love with her.

Jonathan and Rebecca
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Couples Share

" We were truly lucky to have Rabbi Naomi Efrat officiate at our wedding. As a couple, we knew Rabbi Naomi from Kehilat Halev, the Reform community she is leading. We fell in love with how warm, approachable, and caring she was, and couldn’t imagine a better rabbi for our wedding. We had three personal meetings with her in order to craft a personal and egalitarian ceremony. With the help of Rabbi Naomi, the ceremony touched our hearts and souls, and our guests loved witnessing it.  

We will keep in touch with Rabbi Naomi, and we hope to see her in our future simchas! "


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