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Michael and Roee's Reform Wedding Ceremony

Roee and Michael chose to have a Reform Wedding Ceremony. They share a unique love story: Michael is originally from Belgium, made Aliya to Israel ten years ago, barely knowing Hebrew and understanding very little about the Israeli culture. Roee is an Israeli born "mensch" from the Galilee, and was keen to teach Michael everything there is to know about life in Israel.

Michael is strongly connected to his Reform Jewish identity and to liberal Jewish values, and clearly wanted a Reform wedding ceremony, whereas Roee is a secular Jewish boy and wanted the Huppa and wedding ceremony to be fluid and liberal.

During the process of preparation for the wedding, we read ancient Jewish texts as well as modern philosophy, and wrote Roee and Michael's Ketubah together according to their values and world views.

The Reform Huppa ceremony included seven blessings, exchanging rings and breaking of the glass, done by both Roee and Michael.

It was the perfect blend of a Reform Jewish wedding and an Israeli wedding ceremony


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