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About Me


Hey! I'm Naomi. I am the mother of Aviv and Raz, whom I raise together with Eliad, my partner and friend. 

I'm crazy about pots and my weakness is caffeine in excessive doses.

I believe that every person, at every stage, is in the process of development:​

  • A boy or girl at the age of Bat Mitzvah or Ben Mitzvah who wants to celebrate with the height of joy, excitement and a deeply meaningful process.

  • A group of people who go through a writing guidance process together

  • A couple who decide that the moment has come to declare their love in a solemn and dignified ceremony

  • And also a couple who decides to go their separate ways - in peace, appreciation and respect.

The development processes that I go through with individuals, groups and couples are not "instant" processes and are not "net" rituals - but sources of growth and thinking, deepening and sharpening of identity and connection.

I acquired the knowledge and experience of working with individuals and couples in the field, while working with hundreds of couples and communities, as well as in academic studies:

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology at Ben Gurion University

  • Master's degree in literature and creative writing at Ben Gurion University

  • Continuing studies in psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma that include practical training

  • Five-two years of Reform rabbinical studies at Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem

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ללמוד רבנות בקולג

ללמוד רבנות בקולג

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I invite you to contact me,

debate and think with me about your personal story.

You are always welcome to write to me at

 or call: 0545921955

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