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Reform Judaism in Israel

Today, Reform Judaism in Israel is growing rapidly.

There is a nationwide network of growing Reform and Progressive congregations, with over 50 Reform congregations in Israel. Of them, some Reform congregations are more traditional and other are more liberal.

Reform Judaism in Israel also has fifty Reform kindergartens, five elementary schools and two Reform high schools.

There are over 110 Reform Rabbis ordained in Israel and over 120 Reform Rabbis in Israel. There are approximately 2,000 Reform weddings officiated annually in Israel.

Some of these weddings are destination weddings in Israel, where the couple seeks to find a Reform Rabbi in Israel to officiate and manage the service.

Whilst these weddings are not recognized by the Orthodox Rabbinate, more and more couples turn to Reform Judaism in Israel to officiate a Reform wedding, as they are seeking a Jewish and pluralistic approach.

Over 2,500 Bar mitzvahs in Israel are held annually.

Over 15,000 families are affiliated with Reform Judaism in Israel.

In a recent survey conducted by the Israeli Democratic forum, over 7% consider themselves Reform or pluralistic and would choose a Reform wedding in Israel or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Israel, before the consider turning to an Orthodox option.


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