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Process workshop in creation, writing and voice
release the trapped energy

There are times in life when we feel that our voice has been lost.

Life turns on us and we have no control over what is happening. 

No matter how many processes of awareness and development we have gone through, 
or according to which beliefs we live,

 Sometimes situations in life overwhelm us

And we find ourselves again in uncertainty.

In a concentrated workshop of a magical Saturday
We will begin to peel away the barriers and connect to the authentic self
With tools of writing, music, meditation and voice creation .

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Naomi Efrat

spiritual landmark,
Many (in certification processes),
Facilitator of writing workshops and psychotherapist
Specialist in trauma care

Anat Malamud

creative musician,

Voice therapist, voice-development teacher and leader of singing workshops. 
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The next workshop will be held on 6/1/22 at 18:00-21:00

In an intimate house in Pardes Hana

Up to 15 participants. 

The workshop is intended for women only. 

The cost of the workshop: 370 NIS
You are welcome to contact Naomi - 0545-921955
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Number participants

"I diverted myself from the intense existence of life and an endless list of tasks, and went to the desert.

The two magical women who led us on the way there, to ourselves, Naomi Efrat and Rimon Cohen are a rare combination of strength, softness, creativity and gratitude.

From each and every one of us, Naomi and Ramon Laild learned a piece, a voice, a statement, that will stay with me for a long time. Highly recommend, it was a unique and profound experience


- Talia Kolodny -

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