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Flexible Separation

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If our relationship is not making it anymore… We've tried for years and put endless effort and love into our romantic relationship, sometimes its just time to let go.

Letting go is not a failure. It is a smart, conscious choice we make to protect ourselves.

Going through the process of separation is an adult decision. Sometimes it is the best decision we can make for the wellbeing of our family and children.

Separating does not mean that we necessarily need to hurt our children, cause them distress or pain.

Together, we can find ways to :

  • Create common grounds for the family to enjoy time together

  • Continue celebrating holidays, birthdays and sometimes even weekly dinners together

  • Take care of our finances so that our families do not lose wealth on behalf of our separation.

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Naomi Efrat has a BA in Psychology from Ben Gurion University, advanced studies in Psychotherapy for treatment of trauma from Tel Aviv University and a Rabbinical Ordination Degree from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.

I have been separated for years, and share a household with my former husband, for the benefit of our children and for the practice of letting them have one home.

I have been providing therapy and consultation for separating couples for the last three years.

This model is called Nesting. You can read about it here:

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